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Special infusion sets

Oncology Infusion set

Animal Health Product

IV Administration Sets with Flow Regulator

Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition

Invasive blood pressure transducer

Micro Bore Extension Sets

Infusion Set

Air flow stop infusion set

Pump infusion set

PVC Free infusion set

Oncology Infusion set

Stopcock Infusion set

Infusion set with needle free valve

Infusion set with flow regulator

Infusion set with precision filter

IV administration set

Infusion set for Korea

Extension set

Stopcock extension set

Flow regulator extension set

Oncology extension set

Needle free extension set

Precision filter extension set

High pressure extension set

Microbore extension set

Syringe pump extension set

Blood Transfusion Set

Blood transfuion set with pillow chamber

Blood transfusion set with long chamber

Blood transfusion set with double chamber

Burette set

Burette set 100ml

Burette set 150ml

Burette chamber

Veterinary Set

Veterinary IV set

Veterinary extension set

Infusion Accessories

3 way stopcock

Protective cap

Combi stopper

Female luer cap

Priming Purge Filter Cap

Enteral Feeding

Enfit Bag set

Enfit Spike set

Enfit extension set

Enfit Syringes

Drug Compounding

Combi stopper

Temper Evident Cap

Vial adapter



Ventilation Circuit

Manual Resuscitator

Injection & Infusion & Enteral nutrition pump

Infusion Pump with infusion set

Enteral nutrition set

Injection pump with set

Aesthetic Injection

Aesthetic syringe

Fluid Dispensing Connector

Intervention Accessories

Angiographic Accessory Products

Inflation Device

High pressure Extension set

High pressure Manifold




Disposable gloves










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